Bedroom Discos and Doing Bank Holiday's Differently

Bedroom Discos and Doing Bank Holiday's Differently

While we are in the weird space where time has less meaning, we have hit a Bank Holiday weekend that is looking very different. I was supposed to be visiting my folks and gran, catching up with best mates and probably taking a trip to South Shields and eating pistachio ice cream (Minchella's is the best). And I'm not going to lie it's been making me sad thinking of when I will see loved ones again in person. So, the other night I did my fail safe cheer me up activity and put some headphones in, turned the lights off and danced in my bedroom to some music. 

In honour of bedroom dancing, which I have done since I was a child - hi mam and dad and sorry for the blasting music growing up - I've been hunting for some mood lifting music and thought I'd share some of my current favourites and old classics for the weekend ahead.

A nod to nights out in Newcastle with my mates, sixth form parties in the Westwood, gigs and indie nights in Riverside and Mayfair and a girl's holiday to Ibiza. The Bank Holidays of the late 90s were always full of dancing so dig out that vintage Fred Perry t-shirt, your scuffed star Converse and put on your headphones and hit play for this 90's Night Out playlist.

And if it's all just a bit too indie for you here's some current poppy favourites I'm loving.

Taylor Swift - Back on the Tay Tay fandom again after watching her documentary on Netflix and her duet Me! with Panic! at the Disco's Brendon Urie is pure joy. Everyone "You can't spell Awesome without Me".....

Mabel might not be in the club at the moment but Don't Call Me Up is one of my favourites to dance/exercise to at the moment. Feel free to call me up though...stay indoors.

Queen Kylie - when does she ever fail us. I'm a massive fan of her last album Golden. It was what I used to kickstart my running again last year and Dancing is a mood-lifting classic. 

So stay in, turn the lights off, put your headphones on and dance like no-one is watching you on TikTok......seriously if you can remember the 90s just step away from TikTok




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