Looking for the Perfect Star Necklace? Here's Everything You Need to Know About Celestial Jewellery

Looking for the Perfect Star Necklace? Here's Everything You Need to Know About Celestial Jewellery

Celestial jewellery is a theme that never seems to fade. Maybe that’s because it’s connected to ideas that are so much bigger than ourselves.

As we start to see the light at the end of a long tunnel of lockdown and uncertainty, lots of us are looking to feel inspired again. We want to believe that if we feel lost or far apart, there’s a greater power at work that will make everything good again. 

Celestial symbols like crescent moons or stars bring us that magical feeling of possibility we’re searching for. They help us to somehow feel interconnected and give us hope. 

In this guide to celestial jewellery I’ll explain why we can’t get enough of star and moon jewellery and introduce you to some perfect pieces to embrace the trend. 

Why the trend for celestial jewellery? 

The word ‘celestial’ means something spiritual that you can’t see, a heavenly universe that’s beyond everyday life. Celebrating planets, moons and stars seems to spark a sense of joy and magic in many of us.

It’s such a long-running theme that designers like Dior and Chanel have used it again and again, putting it outside of any fast fashion fad. That’s why celestial jewellery makes such a great investment - it never goes out of style.

The perfect star necklace

Of all the celestial symbols, a simple star reminds us how vast the universe is and takes us outside of ourselves. 

Claire Hill Designs Gold Shooting Star Necklace

This Shooting Star Necklace is like a positive charm to keep us looking up at the skies and makes an everyday reminder that anything is possible. Available on four different chain lengths in either silver or gold, it makes a great gift to lift someone’s spirits. 

The North Star is the brightest in the sky, staying put while other stars move around it. Sailors used it to navigate but nowadays we might use it to describe an idea or goal that’s guiding us forwards with purpose. 

Claire Hill Designs North Star Pendant Necklace

For all those reasons, the North Star Pendant Necklace makes a beautiful way to encourage and inspire someone you care about. Take a look at the jewellery gifting guide and see how to add some personalised touches to the pendant or combine it with chocolate and candles into your own unique gift box. 

Another star necklace inspired by the North Star is this Silver Disc Necklace featuring sparkly cubic zirconia to catch the light. With a silver rhodium-plated disc, the necklace has a dainty chain that resembles all the power of the stars.

What does a crescent necklace mean? 

A crescent moon has been known through the ages as a cyclical symbol of change and creativity. It’s a fascinating, mysterious and beautiful part of nature and we share the experience of it no matter where we are in the world. Perhaps that’s why it’s a symbol with universal appeal. 

The crescent moon also features in some mythological legends with the fiercest females and is associated with fertility and female empowerment. 

Claire Hill Designs Crescent Moon Necklace

This Crescent Moon Necklace comes with sparkly cubic zirconia and a rock n’ roll edge. It’s a beautiful gift that carries a message of life, strength and power.

How to wear celestial jewellery 

You can embrace the celestial trend by layering up necklaces in a combination of symbols, textures and weights. Varying the lengths of your layers makes a super-easy way to level up your outfit when you’re short on time too. 

Mix and match a star necklace with lightning bolt earrings or another celestial symbol to give an overall look that won’t ever feel predictable. And don’t think you can’t wear silver with gold or mix dainty chains with heavier pendants. It’s about an overall look and feel rather than following rules.  

To find the perfect piece of celestial jewellery to gift or for yourself, explore our ‘To the Moon and Back’ collection here.

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