Settle into the Bank Holiday

Settle into the Bank Holiday

It's another Bank Holiday at home, (edit: I lost track of time and went early by a week with this post). We still have coffee in the house, Ripley 2.0 our sourdough is doing great work and I've got plenty to read, watch and listen to.

I thought I'd share some of my current favourites with you and I've made two more music playlists to soundtrack the weekend. 

Kitchen Discos and Bedroom Dancing 

After my trip down 90s memory lane I jumped to the new millennium and have put together some of the songs that have soundtracked nights out, festivals, gigs and even two of my wedding songs from 2000 onwards. Bonus points if you can guess which song I walked down the aisle to and which one we left to. Answers on a postcard, or Instagram DM. 

So let's meet up from the year 2000, and enjoy.

I don't know about you but I am missing the cinema - even though having a child has curbed those luxurious days of daytime film watching and double bills. So have a Saturday night at the movies on me and dance and sing like your EGOT depends on it. 

Romance or Vengeance?

Is it even an either or question? If you're after some great drama - and let's savour this because the broadcasters are going to run out soon - then I have my eye on the much talked about Normal People. Based on Sally Rooney's book the reviews and hype is amazing, I've got my fingers crossed for it. Confession time. While I liked the book when I read it this year, I forgot I finished it, ended up reading it a second time, got to the end again still forgetting I had already read it. Hopefully the TV series will make it stick. 
If tortured romance is not your thing at the moment then maybe some torture and action? I'm a huge fan of Welsh director Gareth Evans and his first ever TV series, Sky's crime drama Gangs of London is like nothing I have ever seen on TV. It's amazing but you need a strong stomach.  

Festival at Home 

One of my favourite festivals, Mach Fest should be this weekend but sadly they had to cancel. I last went to Mach Fest, the best comedy festival, four years ago now. I was pregnant so sober but had an amazing time seeing new comers, big names all in one tiny space. Less stressful than the Edinburgh Festival and dare I say it more fun. 
While the gigs aren't happening there are some special shows going out on BBC Radio this weekend including a live sketch show and stand up from comedian's houses. Go, listen and support them.


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