Stay In, Stay Entertained

Stay In, Stay Entertained

I'm coping ok so far with reverting to indoor cat mode, mainly because there is so much to distract and entertain us at the moment. So I thought I'd sift through everything and give you some recommendations of my own favourites and things I'm looking forward to. Share your tips and must watches in the comments below. 


I'm craving comedy right now so this is a big one. After finishing the joyous This Country this week starring the King and Queen of doing nothing Kerry and Kurtan - I might have to start it again. Curb Your Enthusiasm has been a farcical treat this season on Sky and I'm desperate for the new series of Black Monday to start. Over on Netflix the latest season of Brooklyn 99 is now up - 99 yes.

Catch some big comedy names from their living room as Robin Ince, Al Murray and Josie Long play the Stay at Home festival from the Cosmic Shambles Network. All the shows, for now, will be live only and free to watch. On Sunday two of my favourites Kiri Pritchard-Mclean and Rachel Fairburn are hosting their All Killa, No Filla podcast live on Sunday at 2pm. (Edit: I’m a week early on this one it’s next Sunday, but you’re still going to be in). Keep an eye on their Twitter for details. Follow Jayde Adams on Insta she did the biggest pub quiz live the other day and am sure she's probably got more up her sleeve - her live stand up is great and is on Amazon Prime - currently offering 30 days free. 


I've been having a real Florence Pugh moment of late. Midsommar might be a bit too bleak for you, and until the uplifting sobfest Little Women is released then let me shout out Fighting With My Family on Netflix. Funny, heartwarming, with a cracking cast and written and directed by Stephen Merchant. Big thumbs up.

On TV this week I can heartily recommend Boxtrolls (FilmFour), my husband and I are massive fans and we showed it to the offspring last week to great success. And yes it is possibly problematic these days, and in the old days to be fair, but Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (Channel 5) is still a classic retro watch, plus Alan Rickman obvs.

We're renting Knives Out tonight and if you like your Jane Austen with additional Johnny Flynn nudity the early release of Emma might cheer you up.



Admittedly I probably started my belated watching of Breaking Bad at the wrong time, but I am feeling in a retro mood for all my TV. I really want comfort and programmes that take me back to a different time. So I'm going to restart Buffy the Vampire and hitting Netflix for my period drama classics North and South and Pride and Prejudice. And I'm looking forward to the BBC's Culture in Quarantine with a host of plays, music and more, top of my list is Emma Rice's adaptation of one of my favourite books Wise Children.


I don't want to be too challenged at the moment but want a good read so I whipped through Dawn O Porter's adult books Cows and So Lucky, both are reduced on Kindle. If you are missing your magazine fix the Readly app has more than 5,000 magazines, including international and weekly ones. The first two weeks are free then it's £7.99 per month. 


Yeah yeah Joe Wicks and all of that, but look, Chris Hemsworth is offering a free trial on his exercise app - don't forget to cancel if you don't want to be charged. You can join in, or just put your feet up and watch 😉

If you do want to actually exercise my hands down favourite is dancing with The Fitness Marshall and I'm really excited that TurndUp Fitness are doing live dance classes on their Facebook page. I will get there for a class in person when this all ends, until then....

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