Stay In, Write A Novel, Learn A Language....Whoah There

Stay In, Write A Novel, Learn A Language....Whoah There

How's everyone's productivity doing? Mastered that difficult skill, written a novel, Spring Cleaned every room? Nope, good you're my kind of people. Currently I've got a mango that needs cutting up and quite frankly that is a big enough challenge on my life to-do-list.  

I have never had so little time with full-time parenting, running the business and constantly sorting all the dishes, and yet have never had so much pressure to do things, learn things, achieve. It's like New Year's Resolutions x100 and I'm saying naff off. 

So here's a few suggestions that won't broaden your mind, that are easy to achieve and are fun ways to relax.

Have a bath - Yes it's a cliche, but come on a bath is a cracking treat and currently my main relaxation time. I finally bought a bath tray thingy that holds a wine glass - I know I am that person, sorry, not sorry. And I have stocked up on some bubble bath from Cole & Cole and treats from Miss Patisserie - both great Cardiff brands. Do not disturb. 


Have a laugh - I'm still on the urge for comedy and nothing to thought provoking. If you're missing live comedy check out The Covid Arms 7pm tonight a virtual stand up gig starring Kiri Pritchard-Mclean, Nish Kumar, Tom Allen, Grace Petrie and Nina Gilligan - they're raising money for the Trussell Trust and comedians. With the Fringe now cancelled get your live fix. 

If you're looking for TV comedy hunt down Love Sick and Schitt's Creek on Netflix - Moira is the deluded diva energy I need at the moment - and I'm going to start Shrill and also highly recommend Him & Her both on iPlayer. Also speaking of BBC bringing out the classics from the archive has anyone started petitioning for a return of the Sharon Hogan classic Pulling? 

Have a virtual chill - Now ssssh don't tell anyone but I'm one of those strange people who likes ASMR - that thing you've seen on This Morning. It's like elevated white noise or those Calm apps and I discovered it during pregnancy insomnia and it is one of the things that can really calm my addled brain when I can't sleep. I might be weird but I've had at least five virtual hair cuts this week and someone folded all my towels. Some of my favs are Maria (Gentle Whispering ASMR), TingTing ASMR and itsblitzzz's ASMR videos. 

Stay safe, stay home, get lazy x


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