About Our Rewards Scheme

We want to make it easy for you to earn (and spend) rewards. So there are three ways you can earn points.

Purchases - 2 points for every £1 spent.
Subscribe to newsletter - 50 points
Follow on Instagram - 50 points

Items that are refunded/exchanged will have their points adjusted accordingly.

Points mean prizes...well money off.
Everytime you reach 250 points you will be able to claim a £5 off voucher to spend on the website.

You can then choose some lovely new jewellery with your discount.

If there is nothing you fancy there are two more options. You can gift your £5 voucher to a loved one OR choose a random act of kindness and I'll discount the £5 off the next customer to order.

If you want to choose either of those options please email me at claire@clairehilldesigns.co.uk  

If you click on the Reward button and add in your email you will be able to see and manage your rewards.

You should be emailed when you earn new points or have enough for your £5 voucher.

If you have any problems email Claire at claire@clairehilldesigns.co.uk and we can investigate for you

You can keep earning rewards and getting discounts as often as you shop at Claire Hill Designs, which is hopefully for a long time.

Don't tell anyone but yes. Make sure you have filled in your birthday and you will get an automatic 250 points on your birthday giving you a £5 gift voucher. So you can always get something you love on your special day.

As a small business I have worked really hard to fairly price demi-fine jewellery and to make sure we are working with ethical factories who look after the staff, care about the enviroment and use the finest materials. So everything is worth your money.

We could have higher prices, and build in endless "discount system" like the bigger brands, but I want to give you affordable great quality jewellery all year round. 

However, I appreciate we all like a little treat especially when you are giving something like your email or your word-of-mouth recommendations. So....

1. Newsletter discount - If you sign up to my newsletter you receive a one-off 10% discount. I value you joining my community so want to say thank you for that.

2. Customer Referral Scheme - Once your order you can send a friend/loved one a £5 off voucher. If they use that, then you will also get £5 off your next order.

3. Free UK Shipping & Gift Wrap

The rewards system is new for me, so there might be some changes in the future, but it this is the most sustainable way to give you some treats.