How To Get the Perfect Manicure

I always feel better with a fresh set of nails and your rings look even better with a great mani. So I have asked my secret weapon nail tech, Jen Sullivan for her top tips for getting your nails just right and what are the best looks for autumn.

What are your top tips for healthy nails?

Cuticle oil!!!! The skin around your nails gets drier than the skin on your face, but we don’t seem to take care of our hands much ☹️ Cuticle oil keeps your skin and nails hydrated, meaning longer lasting nails!

What are the current trends in nails and patterns?

We’re slowing introducing the autumn colours, so I’m seeing lots of rusty oranges, browns and golds! Tortoiseshell is also always popular this time of year 🐢

Tortiseshell Nails

What is your favourite nail shape? 

I mostly shape my client’s nails oval or almond, it looks elegant on everyone and I also think it helps to make your nails look longer 💅🏻

What happens if you pick your gels off?

When you pick off your gel polish you take away layers of your nail, this leaves them quite damaged and bendy ☹️

What's the difference between gels, builder gels and a Russian manicure?

I use gel polish (which is quite sturdy), on weaker nails I recommend a builder which is a thicker gel, it makes your nails super strong 💪 It’s amazing stuff if you’re looking to grow your nails long! (See Jen's real nails below)

A Russian manicure is MEGA prep! They go super deep into the cuticle to make sure there’s absolutely no cuticle left, I love the look of it but it looks scary to do 🙈

What should you look for in a good salon and what sets alarm bells ringing? 

Don’t be afraid to ask where and how your tech trained 😊 A lot of techs will have their certificates on show, or in their salon! For me alarm bells are the cheap and quick salons ☝🏻 Lots of people think acrylic nails are bad for you, that’s not the case but acrylic with a chemical called MMA is definitely one to avoid as it’s supper damaging to your nail and skin around it. My tip would be, if it’s super stinky acrylic, you should avoid!

Where can we find you?

I’m based in a salon in Cardiff and a home salon in my home, Dinas Powys. Check out my Insta @jensullivannaildesigns to book in - just don't take my slot.

Choose your favourite rings to finish off your mani 

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