Got you Covered

All of your jewellery is covered by a two-year warranty from the date of purchase.

We want you to feel confident about your purchase. Any items that suffer a manufacturing default will be replaced free of charge.

Please note this doesn't cover

*Accidental wear and tear - including snapped chains and scratches to gemstones.
*Lost or stolen items.

Fixing/Replating Service

Damaged items outside of the warranty can be repaired or replaced for a small fee. Please contact Claire direct with anything you need help with.

Lost Earring Club

We know the pain of losing an earring or pendant from a favourite necklace. You can buy single earrings or standalone pendants to give your lonely single a new life. 

Many of the single hoop and pendant options are available on the website to buy. But if you need help with one that isn't listed get in touch and we will get it sorted for you. 

Care Guide

Just like we all need self care to keep being our best selves, so does our jewellery. So here's the jewellery equivalent of "move more, drink water, get your 5 a day and sleep" to make sure your jewellery keeps shining bright.

Our materials are chosen for their longevity to make sure your jewellery looks great for as long as possible in your daily life.

The jewellery is covered by a 2-year warranty for manufacturing faults but (and as Claire knows herself) most damage is done by not taking personal care.

Just like you wouldn't throw a cashmere jumper in a hot wash there are recommendations....

  • We recommend taking off when swimming, especially in chlorinated pools and the big no-no hot tubs. Chemicals in these places can ruin the plating and damage natural gemstones.
  • Avoid showering in your jewellery - body lotions, shampoos and oils can get stuck between stones and settings and can add a thin film over jewellery that can make your jewellery look dull and dirty.
  • Take your necklaces off at bedtime. The chains can pull and weaken while you sleep leaving them at risk of breaking. You can leave your huggies in day and night, though we recommend taking them out from time to time to clean them.
  • Put your jewellery on last - when wearing sunscreen, perfume and other lotions let them dry first before you accessorise. Chemicals and liquids can seep into the jewellery and affect the quality.

Store in dark, cool places - Those pretty jewellery dresser displays look good, but keeping your jewellery in direct sunlight 24/7 isn't the best for it. Gemstones can fade and jewellery can lose its lustre. There's no jewellery SPF, but storing everything in a cool, dry, place is the best option.

  • Sterling silver can will naturally oxidise (get that dark coating) over time when exposed to air and humidity. It's best to store them in sealed bags. If oxidation does happen a quick clean will reveal the shine again.

Keep them individually safe - Avoid scratches to gemstones or pendants by keeping the jewellery individually stored (not left on-top of each as Claire has done in the past).

  • Avoid chain tangles or breakage by keeping them fastened and lay them flat. They'll love it when you give them some space - just like when you get to sleep starfish style in a freshly made bed.

We recommend you take care of your jewellery and clean as needed to restore the lustre of your pieces.

Remove day to day dirt, oils from your skin and build up by using a soft, non-abrasive and lint-free cloth or chamois in gentle circular motions.

Simple jewellery cleaning can be done with some diluted mild washing up liquid in warm water, a soft toothbrush and soft and a non-abrasive lint-free cloth to dry the jewellery. Avoid paper towels or any cloths that can scratch the jewellery.

Lightly clean, don't soak the jewellery and pat dry.

Avoid using chemical/abrasive cleaners.

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2 year Warranty

Every piece of jewellery is covered

60 Day Free Returns

Free no-quibble returns on all jewellery, excluding earrings

Sustainable Materials

Committed to making beautiful jewellery with sustainable precious metals & gemstones