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Hi I am Claire, the solo founder of demi-fine jewellery brand Claire Hill Designs. I'm time poor and want to look like I'm put together with very little effort. And as a lover of jewellery I was tired of buying pieces that tarnished quickly or looked too brassy. So I created my own jewellery made with high quality materials, unique pieces that are textured and just the right shade of gold for a rich effort or silver that pops on the skin.

I quickly discovered that I was not alone in my desire for easy-to-wear jewellery that makes an instant impact. Since 2016 thousands of customers across the world have reached for my jewellery to wear to for every occasion.

With nearly a 1/4 of customers repeat purchasing and many owning more than 5 pieces of jewellery, my fans want to build collections of Claire Hill Designs pieces. Gifting them to themselves and loved ones.

In addition to the everyday staples of hoops, huggies, necklaces and rings, my signature design collections are made to really stand out from the crowd.

Drawing inspiration from my background in journalism (see the Shorthand Collection), my love of architecture and nature, the unique signature jewellery collections are created with hidden meaning to empower and delight.

Lab Grown Diamond Gold Vermeil Eternity Necklace - Large

Every aspect of the business is made with sustainability of the planet and also better quality for you in mind. Responsibly handmade with 100% recycled silver in every piece, 14k gold vermeil plating, ethically sourced or lab-grown gemstones and focusing on intelligent design for maximum styling opportunities.

It's about making your jewellery work harder for you, elevating your personal style with ease.

Be seen in better, wherever you go.

My Studio

Sitting opposite to the Castle in Cardiff, my studio is the home away from home where I design, fulfil orders and work.

Come visit to see the pieces in person

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