Birthstone Necklaces and Earrings for Every Month: Brand New Collection Launch

 This new unique birthstone collection has a piece of jewellery for every month of the year. So, if you’ve ever wondered which stone you needed for a June birthstone necklace or what to pick for December birthstone earrings, I’ve made this guide for you to find exactly what you need. 

But first, why birthstones?

This collection goes back to a time I spent in Portmeirion. Sitting by the rocks in the early morning and looking out to sea, I fell in love with the shapes of lichen. This beautiful, slow-growing organism forms with great resilience. 

Maybe it reminds me that we can do the same. 

Since then lichens have inspired my collections of millinery, bridal hair accessories and now, jewellery. Encased in silver and gold, each piece of jewellery features a birthstone like a little raindrop. These are design-led, modern heirlooms, created to be passed on. 
Birthstone jewellery feels personal. Maybe because the stones relate to birthdays, those times in the calendar that mark our lives.
And as my birthstones are ethically sourced with the credentials to back it up, they make us feel connected to the earth again. 


Find your perfect birthstone necklace

So dive deep into the properties that each stone is believed to have. For every month and birthstone you’ll find a necklace in gold or silver, in a choice of 3 different sizes, as well as earrings to match. 

Garnet Gold Gemstone Hoop Earrings
January birthstone necklace and earrings: garnet. 
This is a deep red stone, sometimes linked to success, good health and prosperity. 

Silver Branch Amethyst Birthstone NecklaceFebruary birthstone necklace and earrings: amethyst
Medieval soldiers wore this stone for healing and the ancient Greeks believed it protected against drunkenness. 

Gold Aquamarine Drop Pendant Necklace
March birthstone necklace and earrings: aquamarine.
Roman fishermen called this the “water of the sea” and used it for protection on their travels. It has been said to calm nerves, release fear and bring mental clarity.  

      Silver and White Topaz Hoop Earrings
April birthstone necklace and earrings: white topazThis fire crystal has been linked to the sun and some ancient cultures associate it with seeking knowledge. 

Claire Hill Designs Emerald Gold Hoop Earrings May birthstone necklace & earrings: emerald. 
Cleopatra loved an emerald. Today we associate it with loyalty, new beginnings and peace. 

moonstone silver branch birthstone necklaceJune birthstone necklace & earrings: moonstone
The Romans believed this stone was made from moonbeams. That link to the moon is a symbol of feminine energy that reminds us of the ebb and flow of nature.  

Gold Ruby Birthstone Necklace Collection
July birthstone necklace & earrings: ruby.
Named the “king of precious stones”, according to its name in Sanskrit, some early cultures believed that ruby was a symbol of the power of life. 

Peridot Gold Pendant Necklace August birthstone necklace & earrings: peridot.
This intense yellow-green stone has long been associated with happiness, abundance and light. Found in lava and meteorites, some say it comes from the birth of the solar system. 

Sapphire Silver Birthstone Necklace
September birthstone necklace & earrings: sapphire.
This stone has represented royalty throughout the ages. It represents prosperity, beauty and inner peace. 

Opal Gold Birthstone Jewellery CollectionOctober birthstone necklace & earrings: opal.
The Romans considered opal the very most precious of all. It’s a symbol of hope, purity and truth. 

Citrine Silver Birthstone NecklaceNovember birthstone necklace & earrings: citrine.
Throughout the Middle Ages, citrine was known as “the money stone” and many believed that wealth and prosperity would come the way of anyone that wore it. 

Turquoise and Gold Pendant Necklace
December birthstone necklace & earrings: turquoise.
Thought to be a healing and balancing stone, the Persians believed that the colour represented heaven and wore it for protection. 

So what do you want to wear? And how do you want to feel? Choose by month or date for a modern heirloom that means the earth. 


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