BTS: My Debut Demi-Fine Jewellery Collection

I'm so excited to bring you a brand new range of demi-fine jewellery, designed for the way we live now and for generations to come.

This is about a new kind of luxury, one that brings good. It’s all of the elements you already love but elevated to another level. Craftsmanship, design and sourcing that lets you express yourself with a clear conscience.

I want to share with you what’s driving the change - and why the time is now.

Gold Vermeil Diamond Cut Chunky Hoop Earrings

In the beginning this business was a happy accident, born out of stress from a fast-paced life in TV production. Over the years, little by little, alongside family and an intense career, it’s grown. And then came lockdown and a global pandemic. The “steady” career hit pause.

In the brief respite of escaping into nature, thinking time in the shower or at 3am lying sleepless on a toddler’s bedroom floor, a solid vision for this business began to come together. I understood what I’d been given and how it could be better for all of us. For the first time ever, this has become my full-time work.

So after a full-on year of learning, researching, experimenting, playing, making mistakes and, a lot of time on Google, here I am at a new beginning.


Claire Hill, Jewellery designer and owner of Welsh jewellery company Claire Hill Designs

I’m not pretending I’ve got all the answers but I’m determined to make the best business I can. For you, the customers, for everyone involved in the supply chain, and, for the world we live in.


DEMI-FINE JEWELLERY - Every single piece of gold jewellery will now be made from gold vermeil. Vermeil means it has a silver base and a gold plating that’s 5 x thicker than normal gold-plate. This is a new kind of luxury that’s made to last.

RECYCLED SILVERAll of my silver jewellery will be made from certified recycled silver.  And every gold piece will have a recycled silver base. Reusing and recycling silver helps close the loop and gives silver a new life.

ETHICALLY MINED & LAB-GROWN STONES - The factories I work with only use ethically sourced gemstones. I'm starting to use some lab-grown stones and diamonds too. These have all the beauty and make-up of mined stones but avoid the heavy toll that mining puts on the land. As the options grow for lab-stones so will our collection.

Hands working with jewellery tools to handmade jewellery

RESPONSIBLY HANDMADE -  I work with two factories based in Thailand. They have high standards of staff welfare and pay, no child or forced labour and proper working hours. One is a member of The Responsible Jewellery Council and the other has been audited by Intertek.

 These factories have a high female workforce with many women in management positions. Between both factories they have schemes like onsite childcare, education scholarships, paid for Covid vaccinations for staff and have set up charity funds and services for families in need. As soon as travel restrictions relax a little more I’ll be visiting for regular check-ins. I also use a family-run factory in Shropshire for a selection of chain and a plater in Hatton Gardens, London.

♢ VERSATILE, TIMELESS DESIGN - I’ve always created jewellery for you to get the most wearability as possible and that’s not going to change.

New collections will include two-in-one earrings, necklaces that can be worn in two ways and pendants which can be mixed and matched. You’ll be able to buy complete pieces or elements like chains, pendants and hoops so that you can express yourself in your own way.

♢ FIXING SERVICE - All pieces will come with a year-long guarantee and I will offer replating options, care guides, a fixing service and a new scheme to Buy Back Your Silver.

It’s my goal to give you, the customers, the best choices possible and keep making improvements day-by-day as the jewellery industry keeps developing to become more responsible and sustainable. I’m not pretending to be perfect so if there’s anything you’d love to see or you have any questions then I’d love to hear from you.

And I’m so excited to see you wearing the new collections. They come from the heart and are made with love, and with you, in mind.


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