Must Know Facts About April's Birthstone: White Topaz

Go forth and seek with April's birthstone, white topaz. An affordable alternative to diamonds, this fire crystal is just as dazzling and packed full of symbolism and meaning to make you shine every day. 

White Topaz - The Knowledge Seeker Image
♢ From the Greek word ‘tapazos' meaning to “seek” this semi-precious gemstone is linked to the sun and Jupiter. Ancient cultures believed it was a stone of knowledge seeking, so today is known as a stone of awareness. 

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♢ The Romans believed it would bring them strength on life’s daily adventures, protect them from enemies, and bring reconciliation. They also believed that if they held this stone near poisoned food or drink, it would change colours

♢ South American cultures also heralded the Topaz as the stone that could alleviate sickness during the full moon. And during the Renaissance it was believed it could break magic spells and help rid one of anger.

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♢ In India, it was said that those who wore the Topaz above the heart would be guaranteed a long life, beauty, and intelligence.

♢ The Braganza Diamond weighed in at an impressive 1680 carats. It was so pure that for several decades after its discover in 1797 it was believed to be a diamond. It was given to the old Portuguese crown and experts say it was really a topaz, but it is still shrouded in mystery.

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♢ With a hardness of 8 on the MOHS scale, White Topaz is a gemstone that is harder than a steel nail, so is a durable sparkly mineral. 

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