Your Quick Guide to Gemstones and Birthstones

Your ultimate guide to gemstone meanings, their history and what you gift for special birthdays or anniversaries. 
Wear stones you love with properties that are special to you or celebrate meaningful dates and anniversaries. 


Garnet and Recycled Silver Semi Precious Gemstone Necklace on Eternity Branch Pendant, January Birthstone

With an original name meaning pomegranate this deep red stone is linked to success, good health and prosperity. Often used in signet rings in ancient Rome, the Victorians loved the stone and created many pieces which mimicked its pomegranate namesake.
Birthstone: January
Wedding Anniversary: 2nd


Amethyst and Gold Vermeil Semi Precious Gemstone Hoop Earrings, February Birthstone

A healing and spiritual stone worn by medieval soldiers. The ancient Greeks believed it protected against drunkenness. In the Renaissance amethyst it was widely engraved with animal symbols serving the meaning of protection and security. A favourite stone of the British and Russian royalty. While Buddhists use it in meditation practice. 
Birthstone - February
Star Sign - Pieces 



Aquamarine and Gold Vermeil Semi Precious Gemstone Necklace on Eternity Branch Pendant, March Birthstone

Believed to be the treasure of mermaids, Roman fishermen called this “water of the sea” and used it as protection for safe travel. It is also linked to calming nerves, releasing fear and mental clarity. Historically it was believed to be used to soothe and prolong relationships. It's the 19th wedding anniversary gift, but is often given at other milestones. The light blue stone can often be seen better at night. 
Birthstone: March


White Topaz

White Topaz and Recycled Silver Semi Precious Gemstone Necklace on Lichen Patterned Pendant, April Birthstone

From the Greek word to “seek”, this fire crystal is linked to the Sun and Jupiter. Ancient cultures link it to knowledge seeking.
Birthstone: April (alternative to diamond)



Emerald and Recycled Silver Semi Precious Gemstone Hoop Earrings, May Birthstone

This ancient gemstone was beloved by Cleopatra and later Elizabeth Taylor. It has long been seen as a love and devotion stone and is linked to the heart chakra. Today it symbolises loyalty, new beginnings and peace. 
Birthstone: May
Star Sign: Cancer 
Wedding Anniversary: 55th


Moonstone and Gold Vermeil Semi Precious Gemstone Necklace on Eternity Branch Pendant, June Birthstone

The Romans believed this stone was made from moonbeams. The lunar link symbolises feminine energy and reminds us of the ebb and flow of nature. According to Middle East women, the stone has effects on fertility while European Legend associates it with love and renewal.
Birthstone: June (along with pearl)
Star Sign: Gemini and Cancer




Ruby and Gold Vermeil Semi Precious Gemstone Necklace on Eternity Branch Pendant Collection, July Birthstone


The “King of Precious Stones”, according to its name in Sanskrit, early cultures believes it symbolised the power of life. Throughout the ages it has represented nobility, purity, and passion.
Birthstone: July 
Wedding Anniversary: 15th & 40th



Peridot and Recycled Silver Semi Precious Gemstone Hoop Earrings, August Birthstone
Associated with happiness, abundance and light, it is found in lava and meteorites. Some say it comes from the birth of our solar system and it is believed to be a key part in forming the moon. It is also thought to boost creativity and improve your mood.
Birthstone: August
Star Sign: Leo 


Blue Sapphire


Blue Sapphire and Gold Vermeil Semi Precious Gemstone Necklace on Eternity Branch Pendant, September Birthstone


In old Persian lore, the Earth was said to be balanced on top of an enormous sapphire and its reflection gave the sky its blue colour. This is a favourite stone of royalty from the past to the present, with the most famous current sapphire in the Duchess of Cambridge's engagement ring.  The stone represents prosperity, beauty and inner peace. 
Birthstone: September



Opal Silver Lab Grown Gemstone Stud Earrings


Formed by the rain they take millions of years to make. The Romans most precious gemstone, it symbolised hope, purity and truth. Queen Victoria gave all her daughters opals as wedding gifts. 
Birthstone: October
Star Sign: Libra and Scorpio
Wedding Anniversary: 14th



Citrine and Gold Vermeil Semi Precious Gemstone Necklace on Lichen Pendant, November Birthstone

Throughout the Middle Ages it was known as “the money stone” and believed it would bring prosperity and wealth to those who wore it. 
Queen Victoria loved this gemstone and it was hugely popular in the Art Deco movement. 
Birthstone: November 
Wedding Anniversary: 5th and 45th 



Turquoise and Gold Vermeil Semi Precious Gemstone Hoop Earrings December Birthstone

A healing and balancing stone, the Persians believed its colour represented heaven and wore it as a protection stone. Seen as the world's oldest stone. Birthstone: December


Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli and Gold Vermeil Disc Necklace


Beloved by Egyptians, this stone has strong historical links to royalty. and was ground up to create expensive colour used in paintings like Van Gogh’s The Starry Night . The deep blue stone flecked with gold was seen as symbol of the night sky. Buddhists saw it as a stone that would bring inner peace and freedom.
Lapis is also known for creating openness, truthfulness, and creativity.
Birthstone: December (traditional), September (US birthstone)
Star Sign: Libra and Capricorn
Wedding Anniversary: 7th and 9th 



Amazonite and Recycled Silver Disc Necklace

Nicknamed the Hope Stone, this cool blue green gemstone has a long tradition of positivity and inner strength. Legend says it lined the shields of Amazonian warriors and the Egyptians used it as a stone of courage and personal power
Star Sign - Virgo 

Black Onyx 

Black Onyx and Gold Vermeil Disc Pendant Necklace
Associated with the root chakra, Onyx brings spiritual inspiration, and control over emotions.
The name for this dramatic stone comes from the Greek onux, meaning "nail" or “claw”. A member of the chalcedony stone family historically strength-giving Onyx is a protective stone for dark nights and lonely places.
The Chinese believed in its very protective and grounding power for the holder, using especially in Feng Shui. Indian gemologists describe it as a protector for harmonious relationships.
Star Sign: Leo and Capricorn.